Water Treatment Reno

Here in Northern Nevada, we have extremely hard water. You might notice it by the discoloration around your sinks and toilet bowels, soap scum and white, filmy water buildup on your bathtub or shower, spots left on clean dishes, or laundry that just doesn’t seem to get clean enough.

Thankfully, we have a complete Water Treatment System that filters your water AND softens it too. The best part is, it gives you the cleanest, healthiest water possible WITHOUT adding a reverse osmosis system or needing to replace any messy, expensive filters or worrying about adding salt.  In fact, our water treatment system is so low maintenance, there isn’t anything for you to maintain at all! Other than water filter system, you can contact us for water heater repair Reno

Keep a Spotless House by Cleaning Less!

With the contaminants in our hard water it prevents dirt and bacteria from leaving your clothes, your dishes, your entire house.  But with our water treatment system water it actually lets you work less to maintain a cleaner house.  For example:

  • Wipe water spots off of shower doors with one swipe – no scrubbing or harsh chemicals.
  • Drastically reduce soap scum buildup on showers and tubs
  • No more tedious hand drying – dishes dry spotlessly.
  • Your clothes last longer and look brighter.
  • You use less soap and laundry detergent to generate a lasting lather.
  • Erases ugly mineral deposits on your sinks, drains and faucets.
  • Eliminate detergent clumps when doing laundry.

Get Your Water Tested for Free

Since my service technicians are likely to be in your neighborhood at any given day, it’s no trouble for them to pop by and test your water for FREE. It’s my service to you, neighbor to neighbor. At no charge, you’ll see for yourself how much chlorine and other contaminants are in your household water.

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