Your “Homeowners Bill Of Rights”

You deserve the right to experience year-round comfort, health and safety at the lowest possible operating costs from your comfort system, regardless of whether it’s new construction or a newer or older existing home. Nevada Heating and Air guarantees your rights!


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1. Your equipment will be properly sized using manual J or equivalent to meet room-by-room heating and cooling demands.

Your Benefit: A heating and cooling system too large can cause higher than normal operating cost … bigger is not better. A system too small will have to work overtime to keep you comfortable. It’s guaranteed to break down sooner.


2. Your comfort system will be installed so the static air pressure drop across the equipment is within the manufacturer’s design as seen on the engineering data plate located on the equipment.

Your Benefit: Static pressure higher than the manufacturer’s design drops equipment efficiency like a rock.


3. Your supply duct system will be properly sized, installed and sealed, providing correct airflow to meet room-by-room calculated heating and cooling needs.

Your Benefit: An improperly sized, installed and sealed duct system is like the worst kind of cholesterol.


4. Your return air system will be properly sized and sealed to provide correct airflow capacity to the equipment and prevent polluted air from entering your home comfort system.

Your Benefit: A comfort system with a return air too small is like a marathon runner breathing through a straw.


5. Your comfort system will have a balanced airflow between the supplies and return duct system to maintain a neutral pressure in the home.

Your Benefit: Neutral pressure in home helps prevents harmful outside polluted air from entering your home.


6. Your duct system (including all sheet metal) will have a minimum of R8 to avoid duct air temperature gain or loss between the equipment and room registers, and between the return air grills and the equipment.

Your Benefit: An un-insulated or poorly insulated duct system located in an attic or crawl space creates higher than normal operating costs, poor performance and discomfort.


7. Your air conditioner will be properly charged with our state-of-the art electronic instruments.

Your Benefit: An overcharged air conditioner can causes premature compressor failure. Too little refrigerant will cause unnecessarily high operating costs and discomfort.


8. We will adjust the blower speed to provide maximum system temperature out of your registers.

Your Benefit: Too much or too little fan speed creates higher than normal operating cost. You don’t need that.


9. We will calibrate your furnace with an electronic combustion analyzer for correct CO levels, heat transfer of the heat exchanger, and draft, and verify that the equipment is running at peak efficiency.

Your Benefit: A calibrated furnace is like a well-tuned car; it runs efficiently.


10. Your comfort system’s airflow will be balanced to meet room-by-room calculated heating and cooling demands.

Your Benefit: Eliminates “Too Hot, Too Cold Rooms” in your home.


11. For new construction, we will provide you with documented test results of your comfort system’s performance after our work. For replacements or add-ons, we will provide you with documented test results before and after our work.

Your Benefit: If We Don’t Test You Don’t Know!


Nevada Heating and Air provides this blog to educate homeowners in the Reno/Sparks and outlying areas on energy savings, safety, and comfort. Contact the air experts if want to ask our tech a question, request a service or offer feedback.

If We Don’t’ Test. You Don’t Know! ™