Employment Opportunities

Our employee benefits package is unmatched in the Reno/Sparks area for our industry. As a team member, you’ll be eligible to receive:

Great Starting Pay with Bonus Packages • Free Medical Insurance and Dental • Free Life Insurance Coverage • Vacation plus 5-Days Paid Holidays • Advancement Opportunity • On Site Training on System Performance • Year-round work • On Site Training on System Performance • Off Site Total Education Reimbursement • Company Provided Uniforms

Corporate Structure with a Family Atmosphere

Requirements for employment with
Nevada Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing

  • Clean Criminal Background Check
  • Drug Free
  • Well Groomed and Clean Cut
  • Must have a Great Attitude
  • Must be a Team Player
  • Must have a Valid Driver License

About Our Team

At Nevada Home Energy Experts Conditioning, we are a team.  You are not just an employee, but a team member. Employees have jobs, and are strictly focused on getting a paycheck, but team members have goals and they are focused on winning for themselves and for their family.

For Nevada Home Energy Experts to be successful as a team there must be three winners in everything we do.  That includes how we sell, service and install, how we dress, communicate and act in front of a client…to be courteous when we’re driving our billboard on wheels, and how neat and clean we keep them. 

To be a team player you must win in this order…

First, the client must always win.  They must be our first consideration in everything that we do.  Without clients, we wouldn’t be able to support a team. 

Second, you, the team member must win.  If you are happy with your team environment, and are providing extremely well for you family, then you will be able to make our clients happy.

Third, the team must win.  If the team doesn’t make its goals, then it will be in danger of letting both the client and you, the team member, down.

It is important that you look at every aspect of what you do for the team with this philosophy, and make decisions accordingly.  Our feeling is that once you understand the team’s philosophy, there won’t be a need to lay out pages and pages of rules for you to follow.

Many companies have extensive employee manuals with a ton of rules.  Our team has only a few simple and logical guidelines.   If you join our team you will need to interpret these guidelines with the “win-win-win” philosophy in mind, and thus, you would be an asset to our team. 

Thank you,

Eric Robnett, Owner

If you’re you ready to start earning a great income with super benefits?  contact us today.