10 Great Reasons Why It Pays To Be A Member Of Our Comfort Club Plus

The sole purpose of our Comfort Club Plus is to provide homeowners with monthly energy savings and help them reduce the high cost heating and cooling repairs.

Our Comfort Club Plus is designed to avoid serious heating and cooling catastrophes in your home, and we’ve found that many homeowners do not have the technical knowledge to be aware of potential problems.

Comfort Club Plus Benefits

  1. FREE Membership — Your membership allows you to apply a membership toward the purchase of a complete replacement of your heating and cooling system.
  2. Save money On Energy Costs —Since our area’s heating and cooling costs average $1,000-$1,500 per year, you’ll average up to 30% in monthly energy savings.
  3. Minimize Repairs — The most common problems with heating and cooling system comes from lack of on-going maintenance. Clogged condensate drain lines, plugged condenser coils, dirty electronic components and the blower assembly, and improperly set safety switches are all problems waiting for the hottest or coldest day of the year to break down. These problems are minimized by having the equipment maintained on a semiannual basis.
  4. Discount Parts & Labor, Priority Status and 24/7 Emergency Service — If for some reason a problem should arise not due to normal wear and a repair is required, we offer 15% discounts for parts and labor as a member. Since we provide 24-hour emergency service 365 days a year, your heating and cooling system will never be inoperable for more than the time it takes our Champion Technician to arrive, diagnose, and get your heating and cooling system going.
  5. Increase Heating & Cooling System Life– Not many people allow their cars to go for a long period of time without an oil change or checking the condition of the tires for pressure and wear, because common sense tells us that what you do. If not, it’s impossible for a car to reach its maximum life expectancy. The same thing is true about your heating and cooling system.
  6. Increase Equipment Rated Btu’s & Efficiency —Studies have found if an cooling system is 23% undercharged it would result in at 52% decrease in efficiency. meaning a high efficiency system could be running at a 15-year old low efficiency rating. To eliminate this potential problem, we test all cooling systems electronically for the proper charge.
  7. Minimize Health Hazards — A gas furnace can produce carbon monoxide poison, when we perform our Super Tune-Up and Power Clean your heating system will not allow carbon monoxide to escape into the home. We also check the flue to make sure nothing (dead birds, mortar, and debris) is restricting the venting of the deadly colorless, odorless gas. By the time that people know there is a problem, they are too disoriented to respond to the circumstances.
  8. Transferability — Allows for mobility. Should you move to another home within our area, your plan is fully transferable to your new home.
  9. Inflection Protection — You can lock into a guaranteed price for three years. Any price increase during the term of your club membership will not affect your locked-in service club fees.
  10. No Risk, Money-Back Guarantee — Try our amazing Comfort Club Plus for one full year. If you’re not completely satisfied for any reason, or we haven’t lived up to all of our promises, your entire investment will be refunded — no questions asked. You Can’t Lose!
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